She Built Ships During WWII 
A Historical Novel by Jeane Slone
978-0-9838154-1-9, 9 x 6″

What do the Port Chicago explosion, Tuskegee Airmen, Japanese American internment, and women welders have in common?

She Built Ships During WWII weaves all these fascinating events into one fast-paced novel. This fiction immerses the reader into the era of the forties on the home front. Three diverse women, a white welder, a black welder and a Japanese American store keeper, experience gender and ethnic discrimination in a man’s world.

1-9 copies Softcover 
10+ copies Softcover
1-9 copies Hardcover
10+ copies Hardcover


She Built Ships During WWII, ESL Edition
A Historical Novel by Jeane Slone, ESL Revision by Michelle Deya Knoop
978-0-9838154-8-8  9 x 6″

This ESL revision of the book offers rich opportunities for discussion and writing. The companion workbook has vocabulary, comprehension, critical thinking, and discussion topics which coincide with each chapter of the novel. 

1-9 copies, Softcover
10+ copies, Softcover




She Built Ships During WWII, ESL Edition Workbook
A Historical Novel by Jeane Slone, ESL Revision by Michelle Deya Knoop
978-0-9838154-9-5    11 1/4 x 8.5″  

The workbook for the novel She Built Ships During World War II is intended to build vocabulary, structure, basic reading skills, and to encourage critical thinking, and discussion about the issues introduced in the novel. 
Each chapter in the workbook parallels its chapter in the novel and presents the vocabulary, idioms, phrases, and issues of the chapter. 

1-9 copies Softcover
10+ copies Softcover


US Citizenship Bootcamp
Jennifer Gagliardi, Host of US Citizenship Podcast
ISBN: 978-0998696508   207 pages. A workbook that is 8.5 X 11

US Citizenship Bootcamp helps citizens-to-be prepare for the Naturalization interview by completing a series of 10 interviews based on the USCIS N-400 Application for Naturalization (released 03/26/16) and 100 Civics Questions. 

1-9 copies Softcover
10+ copies Softcover



The Best Little Grammar Book Ever 
by Arlene Miller – The Grammar Diva
978-0-9843316-0-4   9 x 6″  soft cover

Although it contains a review of grammar, this book is not a grammar textbook, nor is it a complete grammar reference. It is intended to address those issues that are most problematic to people when they write or speak. 
Speak and Write with Confidence!
Avoid Common Mistakes!

1-9 copies Softcover
10+ copies Softcover



The Best Grammar Workbook Ever!
By Arlene Miller, The Grammar Diva
978-0-9911674-0-1    11 x 9 3/4″ Softcover

Grammar, Punctuation, and Word Usage for Ages 10 Through 110

The Best Grammar Workbook Ever contains everything you need to become a better and more confident writer and speaker. It concentrates on the most common grammar issues and provides all the basic information about grammar that you will need to understand the more advanced topics. 

1-9 copies Softcover
10+ copies Softcover



Tales of California!
By Hector Lee, ESL Revision by Byung K. Chung
978-0-9986965-2-2   6 x 9″ Softcover

ESL Revision of California Tales – For the Intermediate level ESL learner. 

Masterfully written stories filled with drama, adventure, intrigue, and humor. Taken from the folklore and local history of California, most of the stories are about real people. They are essentially true and based on historical facts, but some are folklore, too, told as folks remembered the truth or have fashioned into local California legend. 

1-9 copies Softcover
10+ copies Softcover



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