“I have words . . . I have the best words.” – Donald J. Trump

Words are part of everything, obviously, as they are our most common way to communicate. And every election certainly has slogans attached to it. However, the recent presidential election had new words, old words with new meanings, and new phrases, as well as the usual slogans. 

board-1106649_1920-250x167This is not a partisan post, although most of the material will likely come from one particular side of the campaign. Additionally, most of you know where I stand politically, I would assume. However, let’s have some fun with this. Next week will be part 2, the concluding part of Post-Election Word Wall.


Most Important Word of the Campaign Award:  E-Mail. It arose early and then was gone for most of us. “I don’t want to hear any more about Hillary’s damn e-mails.” It then reared its ugly head again a couple of weeks before the election. Two days before the election it was rolled back again . . .probably too late.

Election Phrase with the Most Imagery Award: “The Basket of Deplorables.” You can just about picture it. And the word deplorable was pluralized,, meaning it was turned from an adjective into a noun.

The Three P’s: Puppets (No puppet, no puppet; you’re the puppet), Putin (Do you know him or not??), and Pussy (not the cat)

The Three Abbreviations: KKK (where did they come from?), KGB (Hi, Putin!), FBI (oh, Comey)

Most Deplorable Chant: Lock her up, lock her up, lock her up . . .

Most Famous Place Award: Aleppo (“What’s that?” he asked.)

Common Word Erasers Award: Disavow, Walk back

New Words for Racism: 

  • Rapists = Hispanics
  • Islamic Terrorists = Muslims
  • Beyonce, Jay Z ” and the like” = African Americans

Worst Choice to Pick a Fight With: Gold Star Family

Prom King and Queen: Bad Hombre and Nasty Woman

Who Has The Better of This New Presidential Qualification? Temperament 

Best Alliterative Phrase Uttered by a Current President:  Uniquely Unqualified

Best New Vocabulary Word to Impress Your Friends With: Misogyny

Slogans and Phrases of the Campaign:

  • Make America Great Again
  • Stronger Together
  • Love Trumps Hate
  • I’m with Her
  • God-Given Potential

Legal Term of the Campaign:  Plagiarism

Most Common Google Search Phrase: “Moving from the U.S. to Canada”


Most Common Phrase That Is Also a Pink Floyd Album: The Wall